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Welcome to Ram Outdoors

Welcome to Ram Outdoors, your premier South Texas Outfitter and Guide Service. We specialize in freshwater fishing, targeting species such as Catfish, Alligator Gar, Largemouth Bass, and Crappie. In addition, we provide Whitetail and Exotic Hunting packages with custom accommodations that meet your needs. Owner and Operator Ramiro “Ram” Reyes grew up fishing and hunting in South Texas, his ultimate goal is to provide a safe, exceptional, educational, memorable outdoor experience. We welcome anglers and hunters of all ages and skill levels. Whether it is a friendly family outing or a corporate group, we invite you to come experience a South Texas outdoor trip of a lifetime.  


About Ram

Owner and operator, Ramiro “Ram” Reyes grew up on Falcon Lake  and was raised  in South Texas.  In 1992 his parents moved him and his brother to Zapata, TX and built a home within 450 yards from the county boat  ramp. This is the same home Ram and his wife, Amanda have been blessed to raise their 2 daughters in and continue the legacy of love for the outdoors. Ram’s  passion for the outdoors commenced early in life as he saw numerous  fishermen  drive  past  his neighborhood  daily. He  accompanied  plenty of fishing trips with his mother and had lots of memorable hunting adventures with his father. Ram started guiding fishing trips in 2008 and paid his way through  college. In  2012 he pursued a degree in Criminal Justice and  realized  he wanted to take a different  route. He  has since become a well-known guide on Falcon Lake. He has taken countless anglers on successful trips, helping them catch trophy bass, catfish, and alligator gar.  He is an experienced guide who takes pride in providing an enjoyable and memorable experience for his  clients.

He  has gained a reputation for his hospitality and  professionalism.  He is passionate about conservation and strives to  ensure the  environment is protected and any game taken is  done responsibly.  He offers a wide range of outdoor activities,  ensuring  there is something to suit everyone. He is an active advocate for  outdoor  recreation and strives to share his knowledge to inspire others. Throughout the years Ram has also  worked  on  well-known  hunting ranches where he has  expanded  his services. He is an experienced hunter and outdoorsman, knowledgeable  in ethical hunting practices.  His goal is to promote responsible hunting  and protect  the environment so that future generations can enjoy it.  

The Future

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